Siemens Digital Industries FEMAP and Simcenter Nastran

Whether you're a first-time FEA user or someone with 10+ years of experience, our workshops provide the principals and modeling fundamentals to get new users up and going. That said, each of the workshops also has tips, tricks, and extra skills to push experienced users on their knowledge and experience.

This Simcenter Femap training course taught by Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx takes the user from the ground floor through FEA best practices. It then moves into advanced subjects dealing with manifold and non-manifold surface modeling, detailed plate meshing, and tet versus hex meshing. The optional final day finishes with a focus on customization and automation using Excel and Femap's own API interface.

The course is fast-paced and follows a workshop format with theory, practice, and Q&A sessions. Sessions are created and managed by George Laird, PhD, PE, and Adrian Jensen, PE, experienced simulation engineers who have used Femap & NX Nastran on a daily basis for longer than they can remember. Attendees will receive information on where to find free Femap training resources, and will have a chance to get answers to their FEA questions.

Cost: $2450 (optional online API training course, add'l $245)


Foundation of FEA Modeling with Simcenter Femap + Simcenter (NX) Nastran (Four Days)

  1. FEA theoretical background w.r.t Beam, Isoparametric and special elements
  2. Tour of Femap interface: Preferences, Panes, Toolboxes, Help and Tips & Tricks
  3. FEMAP modeling workflow for Beam, Plate and Solid (BPS) element
  4. Static stress analysis and results interpretation of BPS elements
  5. Introduction to Plate and Solid modeling with surface and solid geometry and Mesh Toolbox
  6. Introduction to Assembly Modeling: Glued, Contact and Rigid element Usage

Advanced Simcenter Femap + Simcenter (NX) Nastran (Four Days)

  1. Surface modeling using Manifold and Non-Manifold geometries
  2. Advanced surface preparation for high-accuracy Plate modeling
  3. Meshing toolbox tips and tricks with Jacobian optimization
  4. Building efficient assemblies via efficient Solid modeling (tet & hex elements) and Linear Contact
  5. Introduction to linear dynamics (modal analysis tips & tricks)
  6. Non-linear analysis: geometric versus material non-linearity and best practices

OPTIONAL ONLINE COURSE - Customization & Automation of Simcenter Femap (self-paced)

  1. Session 1: Introduction to Femap's API   
  2. Session 2: Geometry Modification   
  3. Session 3: Materials And Properties
  4. Session 4: Meshing   
  5. Session 5: Boundary Conditions
  6. Session 6: Post Processing  



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Applied CAx is pleased to announce a new on-demand option for our popular API course.

This 6-session course is a thorough deep dive into the FEMAP Application Programming Interface. It uses a blend of theory and practice that allows students to automate modeling processes, modify the model, import/export data and more.

Each session is presented by Adrian Jensen, PE, our highly-rated FEMAP instructor. Purchasers receive:

  • Access to 500+ minutes of training
  • Spiral-bound class notes (77 pages)
  • Access to workshops and model files

PURCHASE: This FEMAP API course is available to purchase via Amazon

PRICE: $495.