On-Demand Web Training – FEMAP API Programming and Automation

Each session is presented by Adrian Jensen, PE, our highly-rated FEMAP instructor.
PRICE: $495.

Applied CAx is pleased to announce a new on-demand option for our popular API course.

This 6-session course is a thorough deep dive into the FEMAP Application Programming Interface. It uses a blend of theory and practice that allows students to automate modeling processes, modify the model, import/export data and more.

Purchasers receive:

  • Access to 500+ minutes of training
  • Spiral-bound class notes (77 pages)
  • Access to workshops and model files

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FEMAP API – On-Demand Web Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to FEMAP’s API

Anatomy of a Simple API

  • Defining an ObjectData Types
  • Dimensioning Variables
  • Entity Types
  • Using the Capabilities Of An Object
  • Object Method Syntax
  • Return Codes
  • Object Property Syntax

Workshop I:  Recording a FEMAP Macro (*.Pro, *.Prg)

  • FEMAP APIs Vs FEMAP Program Files

Workshop II:  “Hello World” – Your First FEMAP API

  • The FEMAP Application Object

Workshop III:  FEMAP Custom Tools

  • Modifying View Settings

Session 2: Geometry Modification

  • Workshop IV:  Hole Creator
  • Standard Dialog Boxes
  • Workshop V:  Move Solids And Mesh
  • Set Objects

Session 3: Materials And Properties

  • Workshop VI:  Mass Element Generator
  • Accessing Property Properties
  • Workshop VII:  Orthotropic Material Update
  • Accessing Material Properties

Session 4: Meshing

  • Workshop VIII:  Creating FEMAP Entities from Excel
  • Connecting to FEMAP from Excel
  • Workshop IX:  Hole-To-Hole Fastener
  • Element Entity Object

Session 5: Boundary Conditions

  • Workshop X:  Loads Application Spreadsheet
  • Loadset And Loadmesh Entity Objects
  • Workshop XI:  Symmetry Constraint Application
  • Entity Selection Methods

Session 6: Post Processing

  • Workshop XII:  Beam Output / Rbo
  • Connecting to Excel from FEMAP
  • Workshop XIII:  FBD Generator


Adrian Jensen, MBA, PE — Senior Application Engineer

Meet Adrian Jensen, MBA, PE, a Senior Application Engineer for Applied CAx. With 12+ years of experience, Adrian specializes in all things Simcenter Femap: geometry modeling, meshing, analysis, post-processing, and programming with the Femap API.

Adrian studied mechanical engineering at Oregon State University and puts his background to use as a structural engineer. His curriculum vitae includes stress, vibration, flow, and heat transfer analysis for a variety of applications such as mining equipment, submersibles, electronics, gearboxes/transmissions, wind turbines, large facility HVAC, offshore structures, and ASME pressure vessels.

With the experience gained and lessons learned in these real-world applications, Adrian provides support for Simcenter Femap and Simcenter Nastran clients. Working in collaboration with George Laird, Adrian developed and presents training workshops, online seminars, video tutorials, and productivity enhancing automation programs for Femap.

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