CAMFest shows off ongoing excitement around NX CAM

March 03, 2016

Applied CAx’s CAM expert attended Siemens PLM’s annual CAMFest in January, and says he was pleased with the ongoing excitement around NX CAM.

The session gives a chance to train and review upcoming features for NX 11. It was Grant’s fourth CAMFest, and he estimated the turnout was the largest he’d seen.

“Plus the feature improvements this year were the most targeted to customer need I’ve seen,” he said.

The format of the workshops provided hands-on material, covering much more than CAM such as post-configurator, robotics, and simulation.

Some of the many new or improved features that caught Grant’s attention include:

  • Multi-core processing for CAM – A big highlight for Grant. Siemens is starting to support multi-core processing, and the tool paths generate quicker and utilize more of the processing of newer machines.
  • Optimized Tool Path Generation – If you change only your non-cutting moves, and transfer across from tool path to tool path, NX now knows to generate only the non-cutting moves. Users still have the ability to turn these on and off.
  • Featured Based Machining – Lots of updates. More control of tracking points. New enhanced feature teaching that gives customers more control and ease of teaching operations into FBM. If you have something that doesn’t fit into standard feature, you can teach your own feature types and operations for custom features.
  • Back Countersinking – Advanced hole operation.
  • Smarter better toolpaths, more capabilities, advances in additive and robotic manufacturing, and multi-core processing.
  • Smart generate – Saving time for toolpath generation.

For more from Siemens PLM on the event, please visit here.

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