Is Your Company Ready for Industrial-Scale Additive Manufacturing? [PODCAST SERIES]

November 21, 2018

In the first episode, “Additive Manufacturing, the Hype and Reality” the podcast covers what Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing (ISAM) means, the benefits of additive manufacturing, and its relevance to ISAM. As well it covers what it’s going to take to achieve industrial levels of manufacturing, how to begin the journey to ISAM and how long it may take for ISAM to become commonplace in manufacturing. One example of potential impacts is that ISAM could create products that will look different. Additive manufacturing allows a lot of capabilities that are not possible in traditional manufacturing, such as with lightweighting or the ability to build very complex structures which cannot be produced with existing manufacturing processes.

The second episode focuses on “Industrial Additive Manufacturing: Risks and Opportunities.” In this part of the conversation, the director of the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network Initiative provides insights into the opportunity and value of ISAM, changes in the industry that companies are concerned about, and an introduction to the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network. Barriers to ISAM include lack of competency and proficiency, meaning that in order to produce more in additive manufacturing, you need to generate more demand for additive manufacturing in general. The takeaway is that companies need to have engineering teams that are equipped, familiar with, and are capability of designing products for AM.

The third episode, “Jumpstarting ISAM with the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network” goes over the network, how it works, and how manufacturers can use it. And lastly the fourth episode, “Where to Start: Three Use Cases for Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing” the podcast hosts define some use cases for ISAM in the Siemens AM network, how to know if ISAM may be right for your business, and how the additive manufacturing network will help you to get the most from your additive manufacturing journey.

For more on the network, please visit the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network

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