Siemens PLM Plunges into Electromagnetic Design and Simulation

November 07, 2017

More electromagnetic design capabilities will be coming to Simcenter. An acquisition and a partnership have boosted the ability to design, analyze and model nearly any electromagnetic component.

First off, the acquisition. Siemens PLM Software acquired Infolytica Corporation and their suite of products in October 2017.

Infolytica was one of the original pioneers in the field of simulating low-frequency EM. Engineers can design and simulate motors, generators, transformers, sensors, induction heating, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and shielding with these tools from Infolytica:

  • MagNet – 2D and 3D electromagnetic field simulations
  • MotorSolve – electric motor simulations
  • ElecNet – electrostatic simulations
  • ThermNet – thermal simulations
  • OptiNet – optimization software
  • Trajectory Evaluator – simulation of particle trajectories (e.g. in particle accelerators)

The Infolytica business will be incorporated into the mechanical analysis division of Mentor Graphics, another recent-ish Siemens acquisition, which is gradually being rebranded to Mentor.

And now onto the partnership. Siemens has partnered with Ingegneria Dei Sistemi (IDS), an Italian company specializing in innovation & products in air traffic management, airports, electromagnetic engineering, unmanned systems, avionics and protection fields.

The partnership adds the ability to Simcenter to engineer the electromagnetic performance of systems with regard to antenna design and installation, EM Compatibility (EMC), EM Interference (EMI), EM hazards and more.

For more please visit this article on their push into electromagnetic simulations, this press release on the acquisition or this info on the Siemens PLM-IDS partnership.

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