Token system coming to NX for accessing advanced features

June 14, 2019

Have you ever needed to access advanced NX features, but just didn’t have the need — or the budget — to justify a purchase? Siemens has announced that starting this summer 2019, Value Based Licensing (AKA token licensing) will be available to those with floating NX Mach 1 licenses and above.

With over 50 different add-on modules available, this is a great option for folks wanting to explore & use other modules without wasting your budget on idle licenses.

That said, this probably isn’t a fit if you’re in a traditional setup, in which users perform a given set of tasks to solve known recurring issues. In that setup, you know what licenses you need, every time.

But if you’re facing a rapidly changing design environment, the token system could be a great approach. Currently, Siemens will be offering two value packs:

NX35100 – NX Value Based licensing 100 pack
NX35050 – NX Value Based licensing 50 pack

In this system, companies acquire a pack of tokens. It takes a set amount of tokens to check out an add-on module. In a rough example, let’s say a user uses 12 tokens out of a 50 pack to check out a feature. That leaves 38 tokens remaining for any user to utilize on a different feature. Once the user is done with NX, the 12 tokens return to the pack, returning it to its full 50 count.

Please note that the token system can only be used if a user has purchased base seat license(s) which include the floating NX Mach 1 license and above, or the Automotive bundles.

The following are unfortunately not valid base seats for tokens:

  • Mach Designer
  • Mach Advantage
  • Mach 1 Node Locked
  • Gateway or UG Based Bundles

More about Value Based Licensing for NX

Here’s some more points that might clarify how this system works:

  1. Tokens that have been purchased by a user become part of a token license pool.
  2. Each application in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use.
  3. The total number of applications that can be checked out on top of the Base Application is limited by the number of tokens that the user has available.
  4. When the user exits NX, the token amount is released again, so that people can start-up other software options. Token licensing can be combined and mixed with the traditional feature-based licensing schemes. Third-party products will not be available under the token licensing scheme.
  5. A user must have purchased pre-requisite base seat license(s) on top of which the tokens can be enabled.
    1. Token licensing does NOT require Teamcenter or any other application beyond the basic license referred to here in order to function
  6. If this is used with any other licensing, then the licensing system will use “non-token” licenses first before using tokens. The idea is to always maintain as many tokens as possible in the available pool
  7. Based on the number of tokens purchased, people will be able to activate a number of software options.
    1. The system will allow any token enabled license to be used if there are sufficient tokens available.
    2. Then the user exits the application, the tokens are returned to the pool.


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