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Why Teamcenter? U.S. Air Force Selects Siemens Teamcenter Software as PLM System of choice

May 07, 2021

If your company is focused on serving the Aerospace or Defense industry, implementing a PLM platform is an investment you should consider, provided you haven’t already. Not only is Teamcenter is already commonly in use in the A & D space, but with the lauded mandate and recent adoption of Teamcenter by the U.S. Air Force as their PLM solution of note, Teamcenter is moving to become the standard throughout the defense industry.

The Memo

It began with a memo from William B. Roper Jr., Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, where he stated “All programs shall consider Teamcenter the PLM system of choice unless otherwise waived. Alternative PLM systems may be considered […] but they must be able to seamlessly integrate with the Teamcenter PLM system”.

Followed by a contract between the U.S.A.F and Siemens Digital Industries at the end of 2019, (for the amount of $25 million) the deal was an agreement for licensing and maintenance for the PLM system.

us airforce memo siemens teamcenter


The Announcement

On January 26th, 2021, Siemens released the major announcement: the U.S. Air Force had selected Teamcenter PLM Software as the foundational system of record to support its digital acquisition and sustainment strategy for critical systems and technologies across the service.

Expanding the long-standing relationship supporting the U.S. Air Force with proven digital capabilities, this places Teamcenter as the single solution for product lifecycle management. The software’s open architecture, interoperability, and widespread use across the aerospace and defense ecosystem made its selection the logical choice for driving technical innovation and new capability.

The Opportunity that Teamcenter brings

There is a misconception that migrating to a PLM system is only beneficial if you have a sizable engineering team. While it’s true that Teamcenter is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees, we’ve seen SMBs with teams as low as 20 benefiting from the value Teamcenter provides.

Teamcenter actually reduces operational costs by allowing you to perform multiple industry-specific functions in a single solution, including

  • Configuration management
  • BOM management
  • Change management and workflow
  • Document and content management
  • CDRL/SDRL data management


Siemens Blog: Accelerating the digital transformation in defense: USAF selects Simens’s Teamcenter https://blogs.sw.siemens.com/thought-leadership/2021/01/25/accelerating-the-digital-transformation-in-defense-usaf-selects-siemens-teamcenter/



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