Optimize your processes with Easy Plan and MPP

Easy Plan and Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) help you simplify and optimize your manufacturing processes—at the same time.

Easy Plan and MPP solutions for operations of any complexity level or scale

Use Easy Plan to improve communication and operational efficiency or use MPP to support complex manufacturing environments. Remove silos and connect your engineering and manufacturing engineers, planners, partners and suppliers with integrated manufacturing process planning and data management.

Siemens Easy Plan and Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP)

  • 01 Enhance efficiencies in manufacturing planning

    Siemens Easy Plan optimizes the creation of production processes and aligns them tightly with engineering, reducing planning time and disconnects. Create your Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) side-by-side with your Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM), design your manufacturing workflow for each assembly and create work instructions—all in one application.

  • 02 Master enterprise change management

    Visualize and validate the impact of any product and process changes to reconcile engineering and manufacturing BOMs—all inside Teamcenter. Involve manufacturing, engineering and production systems early in the change process to minimize downstream impact and improve planning.

  • 03 Flexibly customize your solution

    Based on the Siemens Teamcenter foundation, Easy Plan and MPP offer significant configuration and customization capabilities to meet your company’s unique workflows, manufacturing engineering standards and production system requirements. Add custom properties, workflows, change screen layouts and behaviors with ad-hoc code extensions.

  • 04 Gain expert guidance and experienced support

    Combine the Siemens tool suite with Applied CAx’s experienced leadership and guidance in deployment to ensure maximum ROI on your investment in your production planning tools and processes. With our support, our clients succeed—and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Improve your manufacturing process planning

complex assembly planning
efficiencies in manufacturing planning
improvement to gain in throughput

Optimize production with MPP and
Easy Plan

  • Integrate seamlessly with Teamcenter

    Both MPP and Easy Plan integrate seamlessly with Teamcenter to ensure a cohesive and efficient workflow.
  • Integrate complex environments with MPP

    Integrate complex environments seamlessly with Siemens' Tecnomatix software. Empower your team with detailed and efficient manufacturing process plans that integrate seamlessly with CAD and simulation tools.
  • Easily collaborate with
    Easy Plan

    Enhance collaboration across engineering, manufacturing and execution, making it easier to standardize processes across multiple plants and deliver comprehensive work instructions to the shop floor.
  • Utilize a user-friendly interface

    The task-oriented web interface simplifies manufacturing process planning, allowing users to create, manage and distribute manufacturing work instructions and process plans.
  • Manage multiple
    data sources

    MPP and Easy Plan support connectivity to various data sources for importing necessary information and aligning it with ongoing projects. This includes integration with CAD systems for detailed design data.
  • Manage MBOM and BOP

    Allow for real-time data sharing and collaboration across various departments within your company.

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Easy Plan and MPP FAQ

Our experts are not only advocates of this software, they use it every day. We are here to answer any questions you might have. Here are some of the most common.