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Fatigue Essentials is a desktop application used to efficiently conduct structural fatigue analysis.

Fatigue Essentials provides a user friendly tool for conducting Stress-Life analysis either using classical stress calculations or linked with FEMAP™ and using the finite element generated stresses. The program is structured to guide the user through the analysis by following a tree structure.

General analysis options are selected following loads, materials, and spectrum branches. Within each branch are options for analysis variations or input methods. Analysis results are available on screen to paste into a report and/or as a damage contour plot in FEMAP.


Online webinar:

"Explore Fatigue Essentials and ditch your fatigue analysis spreadsheets"

Supplemental doc: Explore Fatigue Essentials [PDF]


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(Annual subscription)

Covers most engineering requirements

Classic mode with user input stresses

Professional mode (FEMAP-linked) with ability to read nodal stresses and push back results for a damage contour plot


Intuitive user interface

Supports multiple units (psi, ksi, Pa, MPa)

Simple S-N curve input

Options for Goodman, Smith-Watson-Topper (SWT), or Walker mean stress correction

Option for either interactive input or file input for stresses and cycles

Rainflow or peak counting per ASTM 1049

Damage and margin of safety calculations

Output of analysis reports




Fatigue Essentials User Guide download [PDF]


Fatigue Essentials Trial Version Available

Fatigue Essentials is available for purchase, and a 30 day trial license is available for your evaluation at no cost. Trial participants can receive 3 free tech support phone calls during the span of their trial. The trial program contains all of the features of the Professional version of Fatigue Essentials, including ASTM 1049 rainflow counting, S-N curve input, and the ability to read nodal stresses from FEMAP and push back results for a damage contour plot.

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