Streamline and optimize design for composite materials

Reduce development time and manufacturing costs while improving performance and efficiency of composite parts with Fibersim.

Fibersim maximizes the performance potential of your composite materials

Fibersim optimizes the design and manufacturing processes for composite materials. Reduce development time and manufacturing costs, improve the performance and efficiency of composite parts and integrate with your CAD systems.

Improve composite part performance and efficiency

  • 01 Integrate design

    Fibersim is embedded within leading CAD systems, allowing engineers to create designs for composite parts directly within their familiar CAD environment. Define the orientation, material type and thickness of composite layers directly on the CAD model.

  • 02 Simulate the manufacturing processes

    Simulate the paths that automated layup machines will follow to place composite tapes or fibers. Also, simulate the draping of composite materials over complex shapes.

  • 03 Optimize manufacturing processes

    Generate flat patterns from 3D models, which are essential for cutting the raw composite materials before they are formed into their final shape. Access tooling design support for designing molds required for composite part manufacturing.

  • 04 Create documentation and ply books

    Automatically generate documentation needed for the manufacturing process, including ply books that detail each step of the layup process. Visualization tools help manufacturing personnel see the orientation and order of composite layers.

  • 05 Ensure quality

    Verify that every manufactured part adheres to design specifications. These tools help in comparing the as-designed to as-built conditions, ensuring that the final product maintains high quality and performance standards.

  • 06 Collaborate and manage data

    Integrate with PLM systems like Teamcenter to manage data and collaborate across the product lifecycle. Track design changes, manufacturing adjustments and overall project management with ease.

Improve productivity and reduce errors

reduction in time spent on design and analysis
shorter manufacturing processes
design, analysis and manufacturing

Ensure precision with composite materials

  • Integrate directly with CAD

    Fibersim integrates directly within the user interface of supported CAD systems like Siemens NX, CATIA V5 and Creo.
  • Data management

    Make data handling and storage efficient using the native functionalities of the CAD systems to maintain data integrity and accessibility.
  • Composite design and simulation

    Analyze the manufacturability and performance of composite parts with tools for ply-based design, zone-based design and advanced simulation techniques.
  • Automated flat pattern generation

    Generates accurate flat patterns from 3D models considering composite-specific deformations and material behavior.
  • Multithreaded operations

    Reap the benefits of multithreading for performance optimization, particularly in simulations and rendering—making efficient use of modern multi-core CPUs.
  • Large model handling

    Easily handle large and complex composite designs, which is critical in industries such as aerospace and automotive—where components can be extensive and detailed.

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