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HEEDS empowers engineers and designers to be more productive, enhance existing products and uncover new, innovative solutions that satisfy performance criteria.

Quickly drive innovation and discover better designs

HEEDS is a multi-disciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) software solution that automates workflows and performs design space exploration. In doing so, it optimizes and accelerates product development—while reducing overall cost.

Automate design exploration with HEEDS

  • 01 Automate processes

    Enhance product development by enabling automated workflows and seamless data exchange. Process automation features let users evaluate any design variant with a single click, streamlining the entire workflow. This automation facilitates more straightforward and efficient exploration of the design space downstream, paving the way for innovation and optimization.

  • 02 Distribute execution

    Streamline the entire distributed design process and unify the results of design space exploration. Enable the efficient utilization of your current hardware assets, including local and remote systems, clusters and cloud computing resources. Ensure that all available computational power is leveraged effectively.

  • 03 Search with efficiency

    HEEDS’ advanced design space exploration capabilities employ both global and local search strategies that evolve as the system gains insights into a design space. It’s created for all users—without the need for deep knowledge in algorithmic searches. It incorporates user intuition to enhance the search process, a method that efficiently discovers superior design families, optimizing simulation time and reducing costs.

  • 04 Gain insights for decision-making

    Simplify the process of understanding how variations in input factors affect chosen designs, and streamline the decision-making process during reviews by enabling quick, well-informed choices and accurately forecasting outcomes.

Bring your designs up to speed—fast

workflows and design space exploration
time savings on computation (Siemens)
overall cost

Automate and accelerate with HEEDS

  • Advanced automation

    Automate the product design and development process and integrate seamlessly with various simulation tools and platforms. Support modifications to geometry, updates to simulation models and accommodate both co-simulation and sequential workflows.
  • High-performance computing

    Utilize efficient licensing, high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud resources to operate continuously and make the most of virtual simulations. HEEDS allows for round-the-clock simulation runs.
  • AI-enhanced search

    Enhance optimization processes by integrating accuracy-aware AI within a hybrid-adaptive search framework. This technology learns from current and past data to improve future design strategies.
  • Multi-disciplinary optimization

    Simultaneously incorporate various engineering disciplines to promote a comprehensive optimization strategy. Ensure a holistic consideration of interdependencies across different fields.
  • Leverage existing hardware

    Optimize the use of all hardware resources—local, remote, clusters and cloud computing.
  • Downstream design space exploration

    HEEDS streamlines the evaluation process to enable effortless assessment—with one click. This automation enables straightforward and efficient exploration of the design space and enhances productivity and innovation.

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