Don't Let Your Machine Tool Investment Go to Waste

The best hardware demands the best software. To ensure productivity and optimal performance of a new 5-axis mill, a carefully developed post-processor and simulation kit is recommended.

Using NX CAM our machine tool experts create custom order post-processors and simulation kits for 5-axis machines such as the popular DMU 50 from DMG/Mori Seiki, among other models, and an array of machine lineups from leading manufacturers.

We can also work with you on building post/sim kits for 3-axis mills, turn-mill centers and other machines across a wide spectrum of models and brands.

What You Can Expect

When you engage us for a custom post/sim kit, our engineers work with your staff and spend time on-site at your facility. Our mission is to ensure you have the perfect software solution for your machine investment.

Ready for a quote on a NX post?

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Custom Programmed Machine Simulation Kits

Our CAM experts are experienced with all aspects of post-processor development for 3- and 5-axis mills, as well as turn-mill centers, and can assist in getting your machine up and running quickly.

An idle machine affects your bottom line. Machine downtime can be reduced significantly or avoided altogether by utilizing simulation kits. A sim kit will run concurrently during machine operation allowing for critical testing and simulation of new operations while avoiding costly interruptions -- meaning your machine is always running. In addition, sim kits are programmed for efficiency of operation allowing for maximum performance of the machine program of the machine program during its operating lifetime.