Simcenter Nastran—a powerful FEA tool

Simcenter Nastran is the premier finite element analysis (FEA) solver for computational performance, accuracy, reliability and scalability.

Analyze structural strength, vibrations and acoustics
with precise and scalable simulations

Simcenter Nastran is a powerful, flexible and reliable tool that aids in the design and analysis of complex engineering projects—helping companies innovate and maintain competitiveness in their respective markets.

Predict responses to real-world forces

  • 01 Prepare modeling

    In the preprocessing phase, geometry is defined, which can be imported from CAD software. The model is discretized into finite elements and divided into smaller, simpler parts that are connected at nodes. Material properties and boundary conditions are assigned, which describe how the model is supported and loads that it may experience.

  • 02 Specify analysis types

    Specify the type of analysis to conduct, such as static, dynamic, thermal or aeroelastic. Each analysis type requires different settings and inputs. Simcenter Nastran provides the tools to set up these analyses effectively, including defining how the simulation interacts with physical phenomena and what results are of interest.

  • 03 Solve equations

    Simcenter Nastran uses numerical methods to solve equations that describe the behavior of elements under given loads and constraints. Complex computations predict displacements, stresses, strains, vibrations and other physical responses. The solver handles calculations efficiently—even for large and complex models.

  • 04 Assess design performance and safety

    After calculations are complete, results are typically output in forms that require interpretation. This phase is handled through post-processing software, which may or may not be integrated into Simcenter Nastran. In post-processing, results are visualized and analysts examine results to assess the performance and safety of designs.

  • 05 Optimize and iterate

    Simcenter Nastran supports this iterative process by allowing for adjustments and re-analysis to refine a model and its performance according to the desired specifications, identifying issues or areas for improvement.

Simcenter Nastran—robust and accurate predictions

simulation capabilities
for high-performance computing environments
development cost and time

Improve computational performance

  • Multiple analysis types

    Many analysis types are supported including linear static, nonlinear, dynamic, thermal, optimization, aeroelasticity and rotor dynamics.
  • Parallel processing

    Utilize a multi-core CPUs effectively with parallel processing capabilities to speed up computation times—particularly for large models.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)

    Optimize the HPC environment to handle large and complex simulations efficiently.
  • Advanced material models

    Support a wide range of material models to accurately simulate the behavior of metals, composites, rubber and other materials under various conditions.
  • CAD compatibility

    Integrate with multiple CAD systems for seamless import and export of geometry and assembly data.
  • Compatibility and integrations

    Integrate easily and seamlessly with various third-party software and a wide variety of CAD systems. Integration with Siemens Digital Industries Software is simple.

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