Tackle complex challenges with Simcenter 3D simulations

Simcenter 3D is the stand-out, most extensive and fully-integrated CAE solution available.

A comprehensive, integrated environment for multidisciplinary simulations— on one platform

Simcenter 3D significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy in the simulation process. It allows engineers to perform complex analyses, from structural and thermal studies to fluid dynamics and electromagnetics—quickly and accurately. Optimize your product performance, reduce time to market and ensure designs meet the necessary standards.

Unify your simulation environment with
Simcenter 3D

  • 01 Prepare models

    Seamlessly integrate with various CAD systems and allow engineers to import geometries directly without losing any data fidelity. Prepare CAD models for simulation by simplifying geometries, removing unnecessary details and repairing features to enhance mesh quality and reduce computational effort.

  • 02 Enable meshing

    Automatically generate high-quality meshes tailored to the needs of different types of analyses.

  • 03 Setup analyses

    Define material properties, apply boundary conditions and set up loads according to the specific requirements of each simulation. Setup multiphysics simulations where interactions between different physical phenomena can be modeled and solved simultaneously.

  • 04 Solve equations

    Utilize advanced numerical methods and algorithms to solve the governing equations of the simulation scenarios. Solvers are optimized for handling complex multiphysics problems efficiently.

  • 05 Improve post processing

    Simcenter 3D enables the visualization and interpretation of results. View stress distributions, temperature fields, fluid flow patterns and other relevant physical responses within the model.

  • 06 Explore design

    Integrate with tools like HEEDS for design optimization and exploration.

  • 07 Facilitate collaboration

    Integrate with Teamcenter for product lifecycle management to facilitate collaboration across the development team, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest data and results.

Simcenter 3D is a powerful simulation solution

comprehensive simulation solution
CAE tool
real-world performance

Powerful features for simulation

  • Integrate with supported platforms

    Integrate with various CAD platforms, including Siemens NX. Simcenter 3D is also compatible with Siemens Teamcenter PLM.
  • Advanced simulation capabilities

    Simcenter 3D’s simulation analysis capabilities include structural, fluid dynamics, thermal, acoustics, electromagnetics and multiphysics.
  • High-performance computing

    Simcenter 3D is designed to scale effectively on HPC architectures, supporting parallel processing to handle large-scale simulations efficiently. It is also optimized for cloud computing.
  • Extensive customization

    Enable API support for customization in addition to Python scripting support for extending functionality and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Advanced meshing

    Create high-quality meshes from complex geometries with support for tetrahedral, hexahedral and polyhedral meshes. Simcenter 3D also includes automated mesh refinement and adaptation features.
  • Post-processing

    Integrate visualization tools for analyzing and interpreting simulation results, including interactive 3D visualization, plot generation and detailed reporting tools.

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Simcenter 3D FAQ

Our experts are not only advocates for Simcenter 3D, they use it every day. We are here to answer any questions you might have. Here are some of the most common.
  • How is Simcenter 3D licensed?
    Siemens Simcenter 3D offers a range of options for different user needs and can either be purchased outright or as an add on. Licensing options include perpetual, subscription, floating, token-based, educational and trial. We will help you determine what your company needs.
  • How does Simcenter 3D integrate with NX CAD?
    Simcenter 3D integrates seamlessly with NX CAD, offering a streamlined workflow that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of design and analysis processes. They are a unified environment and share a common user interface and a set of unified tools.
  • Can Simcenter 3D handle multiphysics simulations?
    Simcenter 3D is particularly strong in its ability to handle multiphysics simulations. It features coupled physics analysis, advanced solving techniques and predefined multiphysics templates, among other features.
  • How can I access the entire Simcenter portfolio?
    Siemens offers a flexible token-based licensing system for its software, which allows users to access a wide range of applications using a pool of tokens. This system is beneficial for organizations that require access to multiple software tools but want to avoid the high costs associated with purchasing individual licenses for each application.