Simcenter 3D delivers a unified, scalable, open and extensible environment for 3D CAE with connections to design, 1D simulation, test, and data management. Simcenter 3D speeds the simulation process by combining best-in-class geometry editing, associative simulation modeling and multi-discipline solutions embedded with industry expertise. Fast and accurate solvers power structural, acoustics, flow, thermal, motion, and composites analyses, as well as optimization and multi-physics simulation.

Simcenter 3D is available as a standalone simulation environment. It is also available completely integrated with NX delivering a seamless CAD/CAE experience.

Simcenter 3D is a product of decades of experience in simulation, and it incorporates technologies from proven CAE tools, including NX Nastran software, I-deas software, NX CAE and LMS software.

With advanced-capability 3D simulation technologies and a comprehensive range of CAE applications, Simcenter 3D offers new methods that increase realism and deliver better insight. Simcenter 3D captures expert knowledge and best-practice workflows, enabling engineers and analysts to collaborate on a platform that accommodates all aspects of functional performance.

Engineers helping engineers

Founded by three United Technologies engineers in 1995, Design Automation Associates Inc. (DAA) offers a variety of engineering consulting services, with a focus on helping companies automate their product development and configuration processes. The firm, which now has a staff of 20, serves a wide range of industries, including rotating equipment, electronics packaging, industrial machinery, aerospace, military and automotive.

DAA has a great deal of experience in determining which activities are suitable for automation. One of the most promising involves the design and analysis of engineered- to-order (ETO) and configured-to-order (CTO) products. “Iterative problems occur in all areas of engineering design and analysis, but they especially occur in companies with engineered- to-order and configured-to-order products where certain parts are designed so repetitively that automation can provide huge time savings,” says John Lambert, president and CEO of DAA.