Ease the design-to-
transition with Solid Edge

Solid Edge for manufacturing is a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and optimize the entire production process directly from the CAD model.

Efficiently and economically bring high-quality products to market with Solid Edge
for manufacturing

Solid Edge for manufacturing enhances productivity and boosts innovation by allowing more time and resources to be focused on product improvement and new product development. The seamless integration of CAD and CAM capabilities brings more efficiency and precision to the manufacturing process.

Bridge the gap between design and manufacturing

  • 01 Integrate with your CAD system

    Solid Edge CAM works seamlessly within the Solid Edge environment, allowing users to create CAM tool paths directly from the CAD models they have designed. Solid Edge CAM automatically recognizes parts of the model that need machining.

  • 02 Define machining operations

    Select from a library of predefined machining operations, which can be customized and saved for future use. Utilize tools to customize and manage the machining process.

  • 03 Generate tool paths

    Calculate the tool paths needed to machine every part. Users can control several parameters like cutting depth, feed rate and speed to optimize the tool paths for efficiency and quality, then simulate the tool path with built-in features.

  • 04 Customize post-processing

    Generate the G-code that is required by CNC machines to perform the actual machining once tool paths are validated. Post processors are customizable to ensure compatibility with different types of machines.

  • 05 Generate documentation

    Generate detailed documentation for the machining process, including setup sheets and tool lists, which are essential for ensuring that the CNC machine and operators have all the information needed to execute the job correctly.

  • 06 Integrate with shop floor systems

    Connect with shop floor management systems to ensure smooth data flow and real-time updates between the design team and the manufacturing floor, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Transform your manufacturing with Solid Edge

#1 overall
CAM Software in Winter 2023 (G2)
Fully integrated
CAD and CAM software
More accurate
assembly processes

Flexible, integrated and customized

  • Easily integrate with CAD

    Seamlessly integrate with Solid Edge CAD tools for direct use of 3D models in manufacturing processes.
  • Utilize CAM Express

    The Solid Edge environment includes CAM Express or similar tools integrated for generating tool paths.
  • Support additive manufacturing

    Solid Edge tools are tailored for preparing models for 3D printing, including support structure design and print simulation.
  • Enable simulation and analysis

    Solid Edge provides FEA tools which leverage additional computational resources for efficient operation.
  • Facilitate PLM integration

    Solid Edge enables Teamcenter integration for data management, requiring appropriate server resources and configuration.
  • Guarantee G-code compatibility

    Customizable post processors are tailored to fit a wide range of CNC machines, ensuring that the G-code output is fully compatible with specific machine tools.

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