Solid-Edge Marine

Deliver your boats on time

Customers want fast delivery of their boats, whether they're customized or not. Stop importing & exporting your CAD designs in and out of programs. Stop the wasted clicks and the inability to templatize your designs and parts. Get to a single source of the truth for your work instructs and CAD drawings.

Discover how a modern CAD system can deliver you:

  • Time-savings. Solid Edge helped one boat builder design interior flotation collars in 10 minutes that was taking them 4-5 hours!
  • Easy PDM integration
  • Easy electric routing
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Large assemblies. Solid Edge can design an entire cruise ship in Solid Edge with 100k parts.
  • Overall CAD program stability. Low crash rate compared to most other programs.
  • Use just one tool, including the 2D schematics (electrical design, wiring, piping)
  • Synchronous Modeling allows you to export your existing design as a STEP file, pull it into Solid Edge, manipulate the non-native geometry and use that going forward.

End your struggles with Inefficiencies

If your CAD system can’t handle all your needs, it’s holding you back. At Applied CAx we've helped boat builders improve their workflows and refine their data management. 

Boat designers quickly capture customers’ preferences

Siemens PLM Back Cove Yachts cs 20366 A9 1

“When we’re designing a new model, we send out preliminary sketches to our dealers and they send back suggestions based on what they know our customers want,” explains Adam Carlson, a design engineer at Back Cove Yachts. What this means for the design process is that a boat’s layout changes many times before a design is finalized. “Our dealers are all over the world and their input is all different, so we try to find a happy medium,” Carlson explains. “In doing that, we’re constantly changing and tweaking the design. Something like a bulkhead might move a dozen times throughout the design process.”

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