Want to know why FEMAP is the leader for standalone FEA pre- and postprocessing? Siemens PLM has a handy white paper that lays out the top ten reasons to upgrade to FEMAP from MSC Patran, Pro/Engineer, HyperMesh, Ansys and Abaqus.

Siemens PLM Top Ten Reasons To Upgrade To Femap wp Y3 1 downloadSimulation engineers from across the aerospace, defense, heavy industry and shipbuilding industries can benefit from this concise analysis.

1. Product quality

The development team for FEMAP has remained constant for over 20 years. When planning next steps, any functionality development is subject to a consistent planning process that follows a well-defined roadmap.

2. User interface

FEMAP offers comprehensive analysis functionality that is easy to use and quick to learn. Key features that promote usability and efficiency include dynamic viewing, color and screen management, multiple model access, multiple undo steps – all within an intuitive user-friendly interface based on an up-to-date Windows look and feel.

3. CAD access

FEMAP offers neutral CAD support that enables analysts and engineers to import many kinds of CAD data from various sources. FEMAP leverages the Parasolid® modeling kernel that allows direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling, and provides robust advanced geometric tools necessary to access non-Parasolid geometry.

4. Geometry preparation tools

Preparation of geometry in readiness for finite element model creation and meshing is a task that can be laborious and time consuming. FEMAP works well with imported CAD data. Numerous tools are available to identify and clean up potentially problematic geometry and remove unwanted detail, such as small surfaces, edges and slivers.

 5. Visualization tools

With complete exposure to all finite entities and data, the need to effectively control entity display and graphics visualization is paramount. FEMAP includes a wide array of visualization tools to aid FE model creation, entity selection and verification prior to analysis.

6. Preprocessing

FEMAP provides a wide variety of modeling tools to help prepare geometry and finite element meshing. Unique model creation tools are available that allow 3D hex meshing and multi- and mid-surface modeling and meshing. The depth of the model setup tools allows for intuitive boundary condition creation, including support for complex loading definitions required by more advanced types of analyses such as heat transfer and dynamics.

7. Meshing

FEMAP incorporates powerful 3D solid and surface meshers capable of producing high quality meshes the first time. A comprehensive meshing toolbox enables meshes to be updated and improved interactively, while simultaneously providing live element quality feedback. Use of these tools allows efficient and accurate meshes to be created quickly and easily.

8. Solver support

A major strength of FEMAP is solver neutrality. FEMAP offers access to all the main commercial analysis solvers with the ability to handle data peculiarities of the individual solver types easily and efficiently within its database, and without having to manually change solver preferences. Full access to all supported solver types is available within the base FEMAP module; no purchase of any add-on modules is necessary.

9. Postprocessing

Post solution, FEMAP offers a wide variety of results processing tools to enable quick and efficient understanding of the behavior of the system under analysis. Postprocessing tools including time animations, streamlines, dynamic isosurfaces and cutting planes, free-body diagrams, grid point force balance, bar and beam visualization, shear and bending moment diagrams and user-defined reports.

10. Customization

FEMAP offers a comprehensive set of customization tools including a fully featured application programming interface (API) and a facility to record, edit and play user-defined macros. The powerful API capability provides full access to all FEMAP functionality and allows interaction with external programs.


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