Duration: 2 Days   |   Location: Portland, Oregon, or at your custom site

This custom course introduces basic and intermediate-level applications of modeling, surfacing, and introduces Synchronous Modeling techniques with an emphasis on being able to create plastic molded components. This course is based on features and tasks designers and engineers face in their day-to-day work. Instructor-led portions are interspersed with project-style application learning along with Q&A. After attending this class, you should be able to roll up your sleeves and start designing in NX with confidence.

Prerequisite: Prior understanding and experience with the fundamentals of solid modeling in NX10 and familiarity with lofting/surfacing/styling tools in another 3D parametric CAD package  (Pro/E, I-deas, Catia, Solidworks, etc

6 student maximum; Please contact us for group rates

Group discounts and off-site training are available for this course. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Outline

Day 1

Edge blend, Face blend, Sew, Thru curves, Sweep along guide, Curves, Curve projection, Splines, thru curve mesh,  offset face/surface,  Shell, Thicken sheet, Trim/Extend, Variational Sweep, Face/Curvature analysis tools, Tube, Studio Surface, N-sided surface, Patch

Day 2

Remove trim, Emboss, draft analysis, mold analysis, Extract face/feature, U/V parameters of surfaces, X-Form/I-Form, Law Extension, ReUse Library, Global Shaping, Match Edge, Synchronous Modeling: working with unparametrized parts, optimize face, copy/paste face, move face, replace face, convert/resize blends, Review, Q&A