Location: Portland, Oregon   |   Cost: $2100/user

The Fixed-axis and Variable-axis Milling course is designed for NC/CNC programmers who machine simple or complex parts with fixed and variable tool capabilities. Students will learn how to create fixed and variable axis tool paths.

You will also be introduced to NX workflows for machining contoured parts, high-speed machining methods, milling holes and threads, milling turbine blade type parts, and on machine probing.

Read on for Course Outline, and for more info please contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Fixed and Multi Axis Training Modules:


> Plunge Rough Milling
> Z-Level Milling
> High Speed Machining
> Fixed Axis Contour Milling
> Intro to 4 and 5-Axis Milling
> Sequential Mill Basics
> Sequential Mill Advanced
> Variable Axis Contour Milling
> Profiling Walls with a Variable Tool Axis
> Avoiding Collisions by Tilting the Tool Axis
> Turbomachinery Milling (Class Optional)
> Non Cutting Moves
> Associative Machining Geometry
> Hole Machining
> In Process Workpiece Transfer
> Probing on Machine and Generic Motion
> Projects (free time independent work)
> Appendix Activities (case by case extreme advanced feature machining)


This five day course is instructor-led with a heavy emphasis on activities-based learning. Contact us today to reserve your seat.