Custom Teamcenter tools conserve your resources

Our PLM team has 12+ years data migration experience. With a toolbox of systems on-hand, they tackle any project—with ease.

We are your expert advisors for data migration strategy

Applied CAx invests heavily in upskilling to support businesses—just like yours—with data migration efforts. Each member of our support staff is highly-trained and experienced in data migration. We have created several unique tools to facilitate migration and are capable of deploying multiple systems, if needed.

Centralize your data and work smarter—not harder

  • 01 Lean on experienced data migration experts

    Whether you’re integrating separate systems, consolidating data or upgrading your system, our PLM data migration specialists possess the know-how needed to ideate and execute the right strategy for a successful migration.

  • 02 Determine the best strategy for your migration

    You need the right strategy to minimize system downtime. We work with your team to determine the most effective strategy for a successful data migration— whether it’s an aggressive or incremental approach.

  • 03 Streamline the consolidation of your legacy data

    To expedite data migrations to Teamcenter, we leverage a set of internally-developed processes and tools. To streamline the process, we maximize automations. Instead of creating custom scripts for each migration, we leverage our proprietary process that’s built to speed data migration into Teamcenter.

Tap into the benefits of our qualified expertise

20+ years
of PLM experience
Support team
dedicated to guiding your journey
by experts with a hands-on approach

Client success is our success

It’s time to unleash your potential

Reach out to the team at Applied CAx to learn how our solutions can make your company’s goals achievable.

Services FAQ

While every data migration is unique, many pressing questions are not. Discover what you need to know here or reach out to our team with the form provided above.
  • How is the best approach to data migration decided?
    Our services team will work with you to determine strategies for planning and executing a successful data migration, focusing on minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity. We have created several tools to help with this process.
  • Can you handle large data volumes during migration?
    Our teams are aligned on needs and scope of the project from the start. Applied CAx can deploy one of our proprietary data migration tools to ease the burden of large data volumes. Adopting a phased approach to migrate data over can also be utilized.
  • How long does a typical Teamcenter data migration take?
    Every project is different and has its own intricate nuances. Our team is equipped to handle it all. We can work with your company to determine an appropriate timeline so that you can plan ahead.
  • What is the cost of a Teamcenter data migration?
    Data migrations have a wide variety of costs depending on the amount of data and the complexity within the project. Contact us for a better idea on pricing for your specific project.