Eliminate inconsistencies in your data.

DICE (Data Integration Core Essentials) is an innovative Teamcenter integration that automatically migrates your PLM data into your ERP and MES.

Avoid data inconsistency and inaccuracy with DICE.

DICE gives you the functionality to integrate Teamcenter with an ERP—in one direction and at a significantly lower cost than the competition. This integration enables easy extraction of your information into a standard usable format that can be consumed by other systems.

Data migration doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • 01 Add DICE to your existing workflows.

    DICE can be added to your pre-existing workflows to enable automatic extraction at defined points.

  • 02 Configure your system.

    DICE is fully-configurable through Teamcenter preferences and workflow handler arguments.

  • 03 Gain visibility into migrated data.

    DICE updates a migration property on each revision that is successfully migrated out of the system. This property can be leveraged to generate analytics or provide visibility to export issues that need review.

  • 04 Extract objects seamlessly.

    DICE is built to start with a revision and extract defined properties from that revision, its parent item object, the first level BOM and the workflow itself. Once all of the data is collected, it is placed into a JSON file that is dropped onto a server, pushed to a Web Post—or both.

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