PLM is not just for Engineering

Integrate your PLM platform & production data management systems using Siemens Easy Plan–for a single source of truth.

Applied CAx knows Manufacturing

With dozens of successful clients, Applied CAx excels in deploying Siemens' product lifecycle management solutions like Teamcenter, Easy Plan and Opcenter. Honored as 'Best Solution Partner' by Siemens in 2023, we specialize in seamlessly integrating Teamcenter with your ERP and MES systems.

Ensure a successful deployment for your organization

  • 01 We define your requirements and confirm product fit

    Applied CAx conducts detailed analysis of processes, systems and data flows to identify bottlenecks and workflow needs across PLM, ERP and MES, etc. We engage stakeholders—from leadership to IT—to ensure the solution fits. We conduct demonstrations and case studies to ensure maximum value from your solution.

  • 02 Use system design and configuration best practices

    We leverage years of experience and industry-specific templates to design your PLM system architecture to your requirements. We configure the system for optimal data exchange, security and process alignment, custom workflows and data types. We also customize products to your unique process and usability requirements.

  • 03 Ensure quality with acceptance testing

    Once we configure the system and unit test it, Applied CAx will work with you to conduct comprehensive testing to verify that the system and integrations work as you need them to. We also work with you to train users on the new integrated system to ensure smooth adoption and operation.

  • 04 Utilize support for system deployment

    We launch the system with any integrations and work with you to set up the required ongoing support. Applied CAx also provides managed support services for your Siemens solution, allowing you to focus on your business while we continue to optimize the system and support your users.

Tap into the benefits of our unmatched expertise

20+ years
of PLM experience
Support team
dedicated to guiding your journey
by experts with a hands-on approach

Client success is our success

It’s time to unleash your potential

Reach out to the team at Applied CAx to learn how our solutions can make your company’s goals achievable.

PLM Services FAQ

While every Teamcenter deployment is unique, many pressing questions are not. Discover what you need to know here or reach out to our team with the form provided above.
  • What are best practices for manufacturing deployment?
    Our team specializes in manufacturing management in Teamcenter. We create a plan that assists you with your goals. We understand your current setup and how your systems will work together, then customize the software for you.
  • What will my manufacturing management project cost?
    Just as every organization is different with different manufacturing needs and processes, so is the cost and scope of a manufacturing management project. Contact us for a better idea on pricing for your specific project.