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Model organization is an incredibly important but often overlooked aspect of FE analysis. With the increasing size and complexity of models it is more important than ever to be able to create, navigate and post process models in a fast efficient manner. Groups and Layers are effective ways to organize and manipulate models during construction, analysis and post processing.

This seminar covers a variety of uses for both layers and groups in constructing geometry, meshing, solving, and post processing along with the changes to the commands introduced in V12. It looks at the differences between groups and layers and when it may be beneficial to use one over the other.

We held this online seminar on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Please be advised that FEMAP v12.0.1a is now available. FEMAP v12.0.1a addresses several issues, some of which were introduced in v12.0.1 and others which existed in both v12.0.1 and v12.0.

FEMAP v12.0.1a is 100% licensing and database compatible with v12.0 and v12.0.1.

Our team at Applied CAx took a look at this update and have determined this update as not something mandatory but if you are using an older version and are ready to move to v12, it's a good fit.