Welcome to our video-and-PDF tutorial for new and experienced FEMAP users.

In our tips & tricks video we'll show how to run a FEMAP model. We’ll go through an analysis of a pipe clamp parasolid, from importing geometry to viewing results. Every model you do in FEMAP will go through a similar workflow with differences depending upon your needs.

Additionally our PDF guide will provide clear and concise instructions for installing and configuring FEMAP v11.3. We'll walk through some basic modeling and analysis techniques while sprinkling in new features and some classic tips and tricks.

Next, we'll tackle an assembly with advanced modeling, meshing and post processing techniques.

DOWNLOAD PDF - Intro to Modeling and Analysis with FEMAP v11 3 Hands-On Session

Topics in the PDF include:

  • Installation
  • Licensing
  • Your first FEMAP model
    • Geometry
    • Materials
    • Mesh Sizing
    • Constraints
    • Loads
    • Analyze
    • Post Processing
    • Bonus Meshing