How to Generate a New License File for NX 12

November 16, 2017

Upgrading your version of NX to NX 12? Follow these steps to generate a license file for NX 12. Keep in mind that a new version of NX requires a new License and a new License Manager. Also keep in mind our handy installation guide for “How to Install NX 12.0.1”

1. Download a new license file for NX12 from Siemens PLM.

NX 12 installation 01


2. Select Licenses and sign in.

NX 12 installation 02


3. Then select Passwords and License Files.

NX 12 installation 03


4. Then select Unigraphics NX and Version 12 then continue. You’ll get a new license file generated for NX12.

NX 12 installation 04


5. You’ll get a ugnx12.dat file in a download window.

NX 12 installation 05


6. In your NX 12 install media, select “Install License Manager”

NX 12 installation 06


7. When within the dialogs, you’ll be prompted to upgrade and you can select a new license file, since a new version of NX requires a new license manager.

NX 12 installation 07


8. Choose Replace License File than navigate to where you downloaded the ugnx12.dat file.

NX 12 installation 08


9. If you navigate to the location of your license file (to find the location, launch LMTOOLS > Config Services tab) and open the splm8.lic file in a text editor, you’ll see Version: 12 in the upper right of the license file.

NX 12 installation 09NX 12 installation 10

10. Get stuck or need help? Contact our NX CAD Support

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