Introduction to Simulation-Driven Design in NX

November 19, 2021

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 This presentation was initially presented on 11/10/21.

To be competitive, companies today must deliver quality products faster than ever before. In a world of increasingly complex designs, shorter time to market, and consumer demand for flawless execution all while being innovative, the need for simulation-driven design has never been greater.

Best-in-class designers are increasingly using simulation tools to quickly improve designs, meet complex customer requirements and reduce time-to-market. To meet this increased pressure, best-in-class senior managers support and promote non-expert simulation usage by their design teams.

The use of simulation tools early in the design phase allows for many iterations of a product to be tested virtually improving the overall quality of the end product. These tools, in the hands of the design team, also improves simulation workflows allowing your expert simulation team to start with better, more fully defined designs more likely to pass a more rigorous testing regime. In this webinar, we will present an overview of the simulation-driven design tools in NX, help you reduce your simulation bottlenecks, and achieve success in your next product launch.

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