NX CAD Blend Corner tips and trick video tutorial

March 11, 2016

NX Blend Corner is used to clean up existing blend like intersecting faces. This tool can be used to reduce the number and complexity of patch faces used to create intersecting geometry. Blend Corner can be used to make intersecting blended vertices look more aesthetically pleasing or to make the CAD geometry reflect the actual part.

Blend Corner can be used on both “dumb” or un-parameratized geometry and fully featured history tree. It can also be used on solids and surfaces alike.

The Limit Curves on each blend or blend-like face create Transition Curves that are used to create the new surface. Multiple intersecting blended faces can be selected and edited.

By de-selecting Patch Into Part, you can use tools like Deviation gauge to see the difference between the new patch and old faces. Then make the call.

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