NX Open – Customization & Automation Services

July 30, 2018

Save time and add value through automation! Maximize your team’s efficiency through NX customization. Discover less waste and increased efficiency by automating processes and creating custom tools.


Maximize the tools and capabilities of Siemens NX through automation.

NX Open, the common foundation for automation and programming in NX, can be used to create and automate customized CAE processes to increase productivity.

Advantages include capturing and sharing tribal knowledge; speeding up or eliminating common or repetitive tasks; standardizing processes and workflows for engineering and manufacturing; ensuring compliance with customer requirements & standards; and freeing up resources to focus on innovation & revenue generation rather than repetition.

Examples of automation possibilities for your company:

  • Custom applications and routines
  • Repetitive processes
  • Journals to quickly access reusable functions
  • Access NX objects from custom external tools
  • Custom GUI’s to suit your company’s needs
  • Integrate NX with third party applications
  • CAM process automation
  • Design automation
  • Drawings creation automation
  • Feature Based Machining (FBM)
  • Checkmate quality assurance
  • Quickly incorporate analysis data (CMM, FEA) to improve designs
  • Migrating GRIP custom script routines to .NET (C#, VBasic), Java, C++ or Python
  • NX data analysis (pull data from part file, such as normal vector data and look for discrepancies)
  • Utilize C# to link NX with Excel and other Microsoft suite applications
  • Create custom shop docs & tool sheets
  • Create and edit geometry
  • Assembly creation
  • Part creation
  • Import/export data
  • Automate repetitive processes:
    • Quoting
    • Document generation
    • Updating parametric parts
    • Color faces by
      • Hole size
      • Face type
      • Hole depth
      • Any face dimensions
      • Identify custom features
  • Create custom features to be recognized by NX
  • Standards consulting, guidance and creation to ensure a robust and scalable automation solution
  • Checkmate enforcement standards tool for automating quality control
    • Ensure your parts follow company standards
    • Use best practices
    • Meet modeling quality standards
    • Standard checks pre-installed with NX
    • Custom checks available through automation



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