What’s New with PMI in NX 1847 Continuous Release

February 06, 2019

Welcome to the next video in a series on what’s new in the NX continuous release program. NX is the most productive modeling environment of any system out there.

In this video we’re going to cover what’s new in PMI, such as a new PMI compare tool. This is a great visual tool to compare changes to your parts overtime. There is a fully integrated interactive comparison in the HD 3D tool set. With this you can reduce manufacturing errors from design changes and dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to check differences in PMI. In a managed mode you can review two revisions, and in native mode, you can review two parts that are from the same part.

As well we’ll show that PMI preferences have been updated. Now it’s more consistent with some of the other preferences that we see in NX. It’s been reorganized with a dynamic search capability so it makes it easier to find things. As well we go over Renew PMI, which will update PMI to the latest version of the NX code.

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