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Strategies to Maximize Machine Uptime & Make the Most of Your Investment

Applied CAx is pleased to announce a joint webinar with Ellison Technologies and Dependable Pattern Works.

In this free 4-part webinar, we cover important considerations in the machine tool selection process from choosing the right machine for your industry or part, working most effectively with your vendors, and CAM software considerations for your high end machine tool.

Hear how Portland manufacturer Dependable Pattern Works recently adopted 5-Axis milling and, with support of Ellison Technologies and Applied CAx, made the transition smoothly.

The expert panel includes John Goes of Ellison Technologies, Applied CAx, and John Kuran from Dependable Pattern Works. We will cover all perspectives in the machine buying process, from machine vendor to software reseller to satisfied end user.


An overview of NX CAM Foundation from Michael Grant, Director of Technology at Applied CAx. NX CAM Foundation is the base of any NX CAM program, and is a great supplement to Mastercam, Smart AM, GibbsCAM, and can be used in conjunction with those CAM software programs and can help clean up your parts and programs. It's a powerful tool for speeding up time spent importing a different CAD format into your CAM program, and can cut down time spent on prep and clean up.

Beginning at 1:40, Michael Grant gives a demo of importing CAD docs by using a STEP model into NX CAM Foundation, and optimizing split surfaces.


Capabilities and advantages of CAM Foundation, the best sub-$2K spend in machining this year

  • Update CAM models on the fly without sending the part file back to engineering for small changes. Resize problem filets and holes. Increase blend sizes on deep pockets. Easily move faces to accommodate machine strategies. Clean-up split hole faces.
  • Save time and money on manufacturing runs
  • Decreasing programming time by starting with cleaner models.
  • Make model changes when you need to without waiting for the customer to send a new data set while you have material sitting on the machine
  • Quickly de-feature parts to match your machining strategy
  • Use for part prep before bringing into MasterCAM
  • Includes translators: parasolid, step, iges, NX/Unigraphics