Enhanced Mold and Die Machining in NX 12.0.2

August 27, 2018

Adaptive Milling is our high speed machining strategy that we introduced in the previous version. The new innovative pillar-cutting feature for adaptive milling will increase tool life and process safety by milling with a helical motion and face milling reaches. It addresses a common issue which accrues in high speed tool paths. Doing face milling with a spiral can leave a small pillar, especially in hardened or very tough materials. It might occur that this pillar starts to bend instead of being cut and therefore is a high possibility that it is getting work hard. If you are using the cut with helical motion option, adaptive milling will automatically detect when a pillar is being left. It will leave a cylinder and cut the cylinder with a helical cut.

We introduced a new feature with the minimum curvature radius. This will give our customers the capability to influence on how adaptive milling is working in corners. For harder materials it is very useful to use a bigger curvature radius to reduce tool wear and to save machining time.

The custom feeds and speeds allow to fully utilize the capabilities of newest generation cutters, by using the larger ramp angle while doing helical engage motion. Depending on the part geometry, this feature can give you an advantage of up to 20 percent faster machining time.

For finishing, the NX CAM guiding curve gives the user the capability to create a morphed tool path between two curves, offset toolpath of one curve, or a racetrack toolpath around the guide. The benefit of this tool path is that it is highly controlled by the user. They can drive the pattern to follow their intent.


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