What’s New in NX 11 for Manufacturing – NX CAM webinar

March 21, 2017

There are tons of new features and updates in NX 11 that make updating to the next version of Siemens NX worthwhile.

We held this live webinar on April 20, 2017.

Webinar outline:

New features in NX 11 for manufacturing can dramatically improve your productivity and create new opportunities to transform your set up. We’ll look at several of these new features, such as:

  • General Enhancements
    • Enhanced Tool Selection – Cool new way to browse tools in the current part file by type
    • Model History viewing – Ctrl Tab to switch open windows and preview images in model history
    • Mirrored Operations – Mirrored operations are associative, and tool direction is automatically reversed to maintain correct cutting direction. Associative operations can be kept in separate folders for output.
  • Milling Enhancements
    • Area Milling Steep and Non-Steep toolpath – option to sort cutting regions in order of top down
      • Area Milling Follow Periphery cut pattern has a cleanup toolpath feature for certain parts shaped where the pattern creates larger step-overs due to part shape

Area Mill Depth – part file


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