Simcenter Femap & Nastran

Advanced Post Processing – How to Efficiently Share Your FEA Results

September 14, 2021

After performing an FE analysis, one still needs to communicate and summarize the findings of the simulation into actionable data. If persuasive, understandable, and actionable insights are not presented, a high-quality analysis has little to no value.

Any experienced Simcenter Femap user will know their way around the Toolbox, but it is a worthwhile talking point because it’s always changing and improving. More so, the real FEMAP veterans have been using the software since before the Toolbox existed, so we want a chance to update your ways.

  • Output management
  • Deform and Contour view styles
  • work with the often-underutilized free body diagram tool
  • Chart model output
  • Discuss two powerful API’s that may find their way into your regular usage

Presented by Geoffrey Bee, PE,  Application Engineer, CAE.

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