Simcenter Femap & Nastran

Buckling Mini-Workshop

October 01, 2012

This screen cast is taken from our online seminar held September 20, 2012


This mini-workshop covers the basics on buckling theory and shows how it is treated using FEA methods. Euler’s buckling equation is presented and compared to the eigenvalue linear buckling technique for a simple column. A geometric nonlinear analysis is then done for the beam and compared to theory and linear buckling. A more complex example is then presented showing how the buckled mode shape can be used to initiate nonlinear buckling in a perfect cylinder. A discussion is also provided about the pros and cons of linear buckling versus nonlinear buckling analysis. The workshop closes showing how LS-DYNA handles nonlinear buckling and the initiation of buckling in perfect geometry using the *PERTUBATION function.

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