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FEMAP 11.3 installation instructions

March 05, 2016

FEMAP 11.3 is the latest user-focused release of FEMAP containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide. The latest version introduces new Draw/Erase functionality to dynamically choose entities to only “Draw” in the graphics window or “Erase” from the graphics window, which may be helpful when operating on a complex model.

The new “Max Quads” option available when surface meshing will minimize the number of triangular elements created when meshing with quadrilateral elements. Selection of element faces for creation of loads or connection regions has been overhauled to offer new capabilities when using certain methods and allow use of multiple selection methods during the face selection process. On the Post-Processing side, the “Vector” Contour Style has been changed to “Arrow”, which now uses the Contour output vector as a “base vector” to automatically determine the type of arrow(s), select additional output vector(s), and choose appropriate options for display. Finally, results in an ABAQUS ODB file may now be “attached” and used for post-processing.

Numerous customers have asked us about being notified of FEMAP and NX Nastran maintenance releases, upgrades and patches. If you would like to join the Siemens PLM mailing list and be notified automatically when these items become available, please go to http://support.industrysoftware.automation.siemens.com/general/email.shtml and sign up for Software Field Bulletin (SFB) e-mails. Once signed up, you will have the option to filter mailings down to specific SPLM products. This is the best way to be notified of updates or critical news about FEMAP and NX Nastran.


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