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FEMAP 2019.1 is now available

June 04, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that FEMAP 2019.1 has been released. FEMAP 2019.1 is available for download from the GTAC FTP server.

FEMAP 2019.1 is the latest user-focused release of FEMAP containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide.  The latest version introduces automatic generation of pyramid elements to transition from portion of the model meshed with hex elements to portions of the model meshed with tetrahedral elements.


A new Select Visible icon button has been added to the standard entity selection dialog box to facilitate selection of only items which are currently visible in the active view.

For those performing Aerodynamic Flutter analysis with Simcenter Nastran or MSC Nastran, FEMAP 2019.1 now supports import of displacement results of the aero mesh on the aero panels from the printed results file. Libraries now allow the user to specify a Personal library and/or a Shared library, or use entities included in the Femap Standard Libraries. Finally, FEMAP 2019.1 includes the ability to sweep line elements into planar elements or planar elements into solid elements by following the edges of elements which constitute a mapped mesh, even if non-uniform.

FEMAP 2019.1 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes. To find the release package, click here. Note: A valid WebKey account is required.

Overview Guide to FEMAP v2019.1: New Features and Corrections


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