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FEMAP v12.0.1a is now available

January 23, 2019

Please be advised that FEMAP v12.0.1a is now available. FEMAP v12.0.1a addresses several issues, some of which were introduced in v12.0.1 and others which existed in both v12.0.1 and v12.0.

FEMAP v12.0.1a is 100% licensing and database compatible with v12.0 and v12.0.1.

Our team at Applied CAx took a look at this update and have determined this update as not something mandatory but if you are using an older version and are ready to move to v12, it’s a good fit.


To find the release package for your platform, click here. Note: A valid WebKey account is required.

If you have NOT already installed v12.0.1, v12.0.1a can be downloaded from the “12.0.1” branch in the “Full Products” section. The “FEMAPv1201a_ML.zip” download consists of a zipped image of the FEMAP v12.0.1a DVD. Unzip to a temporary location and install as usual. It is highly recommended that all v12.0 customers switch to v12.0.1a. Customers upgrading from prior versions of FEMAP should install v12.0.1a, not v12.0.1 or v12.0.

If you have already installed v12.0.1, then it may be more efficient to download and install the v12.0.1a patch, “FEMAPv1201a_ML_UPDATE.zip”. This zipped file, which can be downloaded from the “12.0.1” branch in “Full Products”, contains an executable, FEMAPv1201a_ML_UPDATE.exe, which will only update femap.exe, readme.pdf, and commands.pdf. This may be more desirable than downloading the full v12.0.1a installation mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the FEMAP product.

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