Simcenter Femap & Nastran

Solid Geometry Meshing from Tet to Hex – online FEMAP seminar

December 01, 2016

A Seminar for FEMAP, NX Nastran and LS-DYNA Users. Presented by George Laird, PhD, PE, Principal Mechanical Engineer.


We presented this online seminar on Thursday, January 26, 2017


I.    Tet Meshing Fundamentals
a.    How tetrahedral meshing of a solid works (surface inward)
b.    Surface quality controls the tetrahedral quality
c.    Simple checks

II.    Hex Meshing Fundamentals
a.    How hexahedral meshing of a solid works (everything is a six-sided block)
b.    Sub-dividing complex solids (importance of surface pairing)
c.    When to stop

III.    Tet/Hex Meshing Strategies
a.    Hex what is hex’able and tet the rest – take advantage of glued technology
b.    Quality versus Quantity

IV.    Summary Check List

V.    Seminar Q & A




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