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Surface Modeling and Plate Meshing – Femap v11.2.1

July 02, 2015

Want to know about surface modeling and plate meshing with Femap 11.2.1? We presented an online technical seminar on September 10th, 2015.


This online seminar focuses on going from 3-D CAD to 2-D surfaces and then to a beautiful quad-dominant mesh. For most of us, this is where the rubber hits the road and our managers and clients wonder why it ain’t easier. We want to share with you how the new Femap v11.2.1 can make this process easier and get you that “quad” you have always deserved.


A lot of these operations might seem like overkill to many simulation engineers with the premise that poor element quality can be made up for by just increasing the mesh density. I mean isn’t that the foundation of the FEA method? More is better since one is converging to the theoretical geometric ideal?

In the heat of battle to get a model built and running, it can be oh so easy to just “run and gun”; that is to say, get it meshed, loaded up and analyzed. Often times it is only in the documentation stage where meshing irregularities become glaringly apparent.

Surface Modeling and Plate Meshing for Femap v11.2.1


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