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Understanding FEA Stress and Fatigue Mechanics – User Guide

December 13, 2019

This webinar discusses fatigue and how you can use FEA to prevent failures by using stresses extracted from the model to calculate the expected life of a product based on the material properties. We discuss how to create a robust clean mesh that will allow for accurate contouring of stresses so that meaningful values can be extracted and used for fatigue calculations.

George Laird, PhD | Director of CAE and Principal Mechanical Engineer
Brian Kolb | Staff Mechanical Engineer

We held this online seminar on Thursday, Dec. 12


Fatigue failure is the fracturing of a given material due to cracks induced from cyclic stresses, and most engineering failures are caused by fatigue. What makes fatigue so dangerous is that the stress levels that cause fatigue damage are typically much lower than the yield strength of the material.

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