Simcenter Femap & Nastran

Visibility, Hexing and API – Update Seminar on Femap v10.3.1 and NX Nastran v8.1

April 01, 2012

This screen cast is taken from our online seminar held March 8, 2012


This webinar discusses the new visibility options within Femap v10.3.1 and some misc. topics relating to hex meshing and using the API interface. We demonstrate three new API’s that:
(i) create PSD RMS von Mises stresses for plate and solid elements from the standard NX Nastran PSD RMS component stresses;
(ii) map multiple load cases from an Excel spreadsheet into your Femap model with titles, variable coordinate systems and all six load directions; and
(iii) replicate the Patran “Plot Erase All” command with single keystroke.

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