Modeling Motion within STAR-CCM+

October 28, 2019

In this STAR-CCM+ tutorial we take a look at combining motion and multi-phase.

With motion, there are three big methods of modeling motion within your simulation study. These aren’t the only ones that are available in STAR-CCM+, but these are definitely the most applicable to the a models that we discuss in this video.

The first type of motion that we explore is called the moving reference frame. This is basically a time average technique.

Then we get into discussing a little bit more about rigid body motion. There’s lots of similarities to setting up the problem between moving reference frame and rigid body motion, but rigid body motion will give you a time accurate transient solution.

And then probably the most flexible of methods for introducing motion into your simulation is going to be the use of overset mesh. We have examples that we’ll look at using the rigid body and overset mesh in this webinar. Some consider overset mesh as the future for CFD.

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