Where to Find MRL in the Teamcenter Installation Kit

September 29, 2015

This document describes where to find the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) import procedure in the Teamcenter 10.1.3 service pack.

To populate the latest tooling classification, Siemens recommends using the latest available Teamcenter kit. The kit can be downloaded via this link to the Siemens GTAC webpage.

> 32 bit version: Windows (32-bit Intel) > “windows/Teamcenter10”: Tc10.1.3_wnti.zip
> 64 bit version: Windows (64-bit Intel) > “win64/Teamcenter10”: Tc10.1.3_wntx64.zip


You will find the MRL zip file “advanced_installations.zip” in the “wntx64advanced_installations” directory.

To populate the resource manager classification structure, uncompress this file and start the MRL “setup.exe”.

The Teamcenter Online Documentation (including Resource Manager) is part of the file “Tc10.1.3_pub.zip”.

Note: Always use the most recent Teamcenter kit, for example, from a service pack or patch. You find these kits at the Siemens GTAC site:



Once MRL is installed, the result in Teamcenter looks like this:

where to find mrl in the teamcenter installation kit

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