NX 1899 Planar Mill Stepover: Where’d It Go?

January 09, 2020

In this tutorial video we take a look at a quick tip for NX CAM and NX 1899. In NX 1899 by default, the operation dialogue now displays in an Explorer-style layout. It’s very similar to what was in previous versions of NX, but now there are several groups and the groups are very similar to previous versions with some differences.



Importantly, if you’ve tried to create a planar mill operation in NX 1899, you may have noticed that the step over parameter is difficult to find. That’s because by default in NX 1899, that parameter is hidden. In this video we show you how to turn it back on, along with some tips & tricks on how to customize your NX setup for the way you like to work and where you like items to be.

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