NX CAM Post Processor tips & tricks 01 of 03: Putting Custom Warnings right in your posts

January 14, 2019

NX Post processors have capabilities beyond toolpath translation – they can also be used to detect and enforce programming styles. By developing custom warning messages, a user can ensure proper CAM programming. It can be tempting to put these into a programming template, but by putting the functionality right into the post, the user can more consistently keep programming mistakes from making it to your machine controller.

This video shows off several examples of how a custom post processor warning can be used to prevent machine/part/tool crashes, weed out invalid machine code, and enforce desirable programming styles. All demos were made using NX Post Builder 12.

The three examples we show are:

  • Post processor preventing spindle speed maximum from being used.
  • Post processor double checking tap feedrates against RPM and pitch.
  • Post processor confirming correct configuration of cutter compensation settings for a specific machine.

The next video of this NX post processor series covers how to identify the underlying variables in NX for enabling warnings. It will cover how to take a specific programming style preference and confirm that it can be checked by the post processor.


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