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Femap v11.2 – New Features Technical Seminar

May 14, 2015

Want to know what’s new in Femap 11.2? We presented an online technical seminar on May 14th, 2015. This is an all-level technical seminar from which we hope new and advanced users will be able to take away something useful.


This online technical seminar was led by Adrian Jensen, PE, from Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx. The list of new features in Femap v11.2 is quite long, but for this seminar we focused on the ones we found most exciting and appealing. Although there are some great new additions to the Meshing Toolbox, we are going to save those for the next seminar – a dedicated, hour-long surface modeling workshop.

During this online presentation, we discuss and explore the following:

  • Geometry Tools
    • Geometry > Solid > Slice – Now you can use curves and surfaces to slice solids.
  • Meshing
    • Mesh > Geometry > Solids – The tet mesher now allows for more elements through-thickness
    • Mesh > Editing > Edge Split – This command now offers more control when splitting elements
    • Mesh > Editing > Rigid Connectivity – This is a fantastic tool for updating the dependent nodes
  • Postprocessing
    • Analysis Studies – Group your output sets for better organization and data processing
    • Element Contour Plots – Now you can contour beam, plate and solid element stresses at the same time
    • Freebody Section Cuts – A new way to create FBD with section cuts
  • Graphics
    • Element Coordinate System Display – Coordinate system display now supported for plate elements

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