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Let us show you an example of how we can seamlessly integrate SolidWorks into a PDM solution.

In our how-to video, we demonstrate essential PDM capabilities that streamline your design release process and become your competitive advantage. Find out how to leverage product data management in your environment and eliminate costly errors and delays.


In this demonstration we receive a task to do through Outlook in our Teamcenter inbox. Here we need to complete a shock assembly on this bicycle and you can see that universal viewer is embedded in SolidWorks as it is in any of our CAD tools. The interface is clean, allowing the focus to be on the work and not the tool. We don't have to search because the correct part is listed right here for me and I can also do a “Where Used” very quickly and easily to find the assembly where that part is used so I can open it in SolidWorks. We need to search for the correct part that's needed.

Also with speed and ease, we locate the correct bolt for the assembly. We can simply pull that into SolidWorks with drag-and-drop. This universal viewer gives us the Windows functionality that we're used to. In order to complete my assembly, we need to add some constraints to this bolt and this is handled just the same way you would normally in SolidWorks. This intelligent integration allows the users to function normally in the tools where they're most comfortable. In addition, one of the many things that Teamcenter RapidStart handles for you behind the scenes is that the Bill of Materials for this assembly is automatically available in Teamcenter RapidStart for every assembly that stage are built. And this is a favorite of ours, Automation, eliminating that busy work of manually doing something like typing in the BOM. We can easily view the BOM of the assembly in the universal viewer and the BOM is always up-to-date. Teamcenter RapidStart handles the busy work of that check-in and checkout for you. File Open is checkout and File Close in check-in. The functionality allows users to work in the same assembly, facilitating collaboration throughout the organization.


Here we can see a compressor assembly, and it doesn't matter if these parts are all the same file types, same CAD files. We could have parked from several different CAD systems here. The visualization tool allows you to see that assembly without access to any CAD tool. This allows users across the company to access the files and of course you can control the permissions so that they might only be able to view and not to write to the file if you choose. In addition, you can see that the user has the choice to include the bill of materials and right here, next to the viewer, clicking on a part in the BOM will highlight into the viewer and vice versa, allowing users to very easily locate the part. The BOM view can be seen indented by levels of the sub assemblies and parts and the user can even pack and unpack multiple occurrences in the same part. Providing this universal viewer to all users in the company, not just the engineering department, can facilitate productivity improvements as all users have the ability to view in 3D, measure, create a markup section and so forth. Of course, they have to have that permission to do that.

You can see the user can adjust the windows, so the focus is on the work to be done, not the tool you're using to do the work. Teamcenter Rapid Start uses the standard integration for SolidWorks which allows you to reduce product development cycle times and cost by enhancing your SolidWorks environment to deliver a single source of product data for your design and your manufacturing team.

In the universal viewer — Active Workspace is what we call it — users can easily access PDM functions such as search & re-use, structured workflows, change management processes, design relationships and more all within their native CAD tool. To help maximize designer productivity, integration enables designers to create, save, search and edit SolidWorks object, including drawings, parts and assemblies. During the design process, the Rapid Start environment tracks and manages the creation of new product revisions or versions for work in progress. As a result, designers spend time finding the correct revisions of the SolidWorks data.