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When upgrading your PLM software, there are always enhancements that come with a newer version. Discovering those improvements can be a challenge, especially when Siemens releases a couple of versions every year. 

The most recent software update versions from Siemens PLM are Active Workspace Client (AWC) 6.3 and Teamcenter (Tc) 14.3. Both of which were released this past summer and have subsequently added new features. In this article, we review some of the updates in Product requirements and Co-authoring.

EBOM or MBOM or DBOM? Are you trying to determine which BOM Strategy makes the most sense for your business? In this presentation by Applied CAx PLM Director Jamie Griffis, she unravels the complexities of choosing the ideal Bill of Materials (BOM) strategy for your organization. This practical advice will empower your organization to make informed decisions that optimize product development, manufacturing efficiency, and overall product lifecycle management.


If you're having issues with Teamcenter that affect Active Workspace, you may need additional information for debugging. 

To debug Active Workspace framework issues, a HAR (HTTP Archive) file may be required and is generated directly from the browser. Here are the steps required to record a HAR file using Google Chrome. 


This on-demand webinar discusses preparing Solid Edge data for Teamcenter. Do you have a large amount of unmanaged data that needs to be imported into Teamcenter? Do you have small amounts of vendor/supplier data that needs imported into Teamcenter on an as-needed basis?

We look at the steps to follow to take unmanaged Solid Edge data, and clean & prepare it for importing into Teamcenter. This includes fixing broken links, renaming filenames, changing data within the Solid Edge file properties just to name a few areas that are covered. These tools are also a good way to inspect your current unmanaged data to define the scope of current issues within the locations or links of the files.

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