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If you're having issues with Teamcenter that affect Active Workspace, you may need additional information for debugging. 

To debug Active Workspace framework issues, a HAR (HTTP Archive) file may be required and is generated directly from the browser. Here are the steps required to record a HAR file using Google Chrome. 


This on-demand webinar discusses preparing Solid Edge data for Teamcenter. Do you have a large amount of unmanaged data that needs to be imported into Teamcenter? Do you have small amounts of vendor/supplier data that needs imported into Teamcenter on an as-needed basis?

We look at the steps to follow to take unmanaged Solid Edge data, and clean & prepare it for importing into Teamcenter. This includes fixing broken links, renaming filenames, changing data within the Solid Edge file properties just to name a few areas that are covered. These tools are also a good way to inspect your current unmanaged data to define the scope of current issues within the locations or links of the files.

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