NX CAM Resources




Migrating to an all-new CAM software is a big investment, and can be a daunting prospect for a working machine shop that needs to keep machines running. In the second part of this case study, we sat down with our friends and clients at Machinists Inc. to discuss challenges overcome in transitioning to Siemens NX for manufacturing.

 Machinists Inc is a job shop located in South Seattle that serves the maritime, aerospace, research, and transportation industries. After two years of writing post processors with their former CAM software, it became clear they needed a better solution that could keep up with the investments they were making in their equipment, necessitating the search for a new CAM programming platform.

In this NX CAM tutorial video, we show how to use sew to create a solid body from a sheet body. We start with a solid body and show the process of making it into a sheet. There’s a couple ways to make a solid body into a sheet body. One is to delete faces from a solid body without heal turned on. We’ll also look at Studio Surface, Through Curves, and Patch Openings.

Part file for Create Solid Body from Sheet Body

In this webinar, we look at keeping the ‘rapid’ in your rapid prototyping. By looking at some crucial additive manufacturing tips & tricks, we show how to boost your key business advantages by embracing or improving additive manufacturing in your operations, whether you’re just getting started or well down the road of 3DP.

In this video we demonstrate how to set up your blank geometry so that your IPW will look at your OP1 setup file. We are going to set up our OP1 blank just as we would normally using part stock geometry. In this case it is a component. The key difference will be to set up your IPW position from positioning type as from part two CSYS. This will allow an anchoring point for your IPW and following operations.

Whether you’re a job-shop working with neutral CAD data (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, PDF, etc.) or your company is vertically integrated with design and manufacturing in-house, you need to hold the part in place with an easy to use, configurable fixture or jig. Designing custom fixtures and jigs for each new job can be time-consuming, tedious, and, most importantly, costly. 

In this demonstration, we showcase some fixture-building techniques using CAD tools available in Siemens CAM software packages.