• How to automate: Utilizing modeling structure and selection intent that creates robust features that will quickly update downstream components without breaking the intent. In turn, capturing a process for reusability. 

  • The use of simulation tools early in the design phase allows for many iterations of a product to be tested virtually improving the overall quality of the end product. These tools, in the hands of the design team, also improves simulation workflows allowing your expert simulation team to start with better, more fully defined designs more likely to pass a more rigorous testing regime. In this webinar, we will present an overview of the simulation-driven design tools in NX, help you reduce your simulation bottlenecks, and achieve success in your next product launch.

    Now available on-demand. This presentation was initially presented on 11/10/21.

  • The 1926 release of NX includes some fantastic updates to the Sketch Environment.  There are aspects of the old sketcher that could be tedious and time-consuming; the new Sketch was developed to eliminate those aspects. It also offers a number of new tools and some changes to the layout. 


  • In this on-demand technical webinar, we present 10 of our favorite Best Practices for CAD, with a focus on Siemens NX CAD for Design.

  • Managing and quickly accessing data is an ever-increasing challenge in a digital world of complexity and variation. The solid modeling world of design and engineering is no different. Siemens NX developers have designed dedicated tools to help quickly open and present substantial amounts of data in large and often very complex assemblies. In this presentation, we will focus on three NX functions that will help ease the burden of loading and opening large, detail-driven assemblies.

  • In this presentation, we'll spotlight Wave Linking best practices, offering a roadmap to streamline your design process. Delve into the consequences of neglecting these practices, focusing on the pressing issue of slowness.

  • In this Xcelerator Lunch seminar, we discuss “NX ID & Styling” by way of the Freeform shape modeling toolset. Whether we are creating the surfaces themselves or manipulating imported data from outside sources, NX gives us the tools to design without limitation.

    Now available on-demand. This presentation was initially held on 10/13/21.

  • Migrating to an all-new CAM software is a big investment, and can be a daunting prospect for a working machine shop that needs to keep machines running. In the second part of this case study, we sat down with our friends and clients at Machinists Inc. to discuss challenges overcome in transitioning to Siemens NX for manufacturing.